An inverter converts the direct current (DC) power that solar panels create into alternating current (AC) power that is usable in homes and businesses.

Clean.Tech provides SolarEdge with optimizers for almost all household systems.

SolarEdge offers a smart phone app for iOS and Android. The owners manual provides instructions for activating the app after PTO (Permission to Operate) has been granted from the utility.

Clean.Tech automatically applies the appropriate inverter to the system during fulfillment. There is no need to choose the inverter in the app.

Spec sheets and warranty info will be available soon.

In deals with a battery adder, Clean.Tech will use a different inverter that is more directly compatible with the chosen battery.

For more information on energy storage systems and their compatible inverters, please click here.

All hardware supplied by Clean.Tech comes with a workmanship warranty of 10 years, which requires Clean.Tech to resolve covered issues at no cost to the homeowner.

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