We offer premium 305 Watt panels made by Yingli (manufactured in Asia), premium 340 panels made in the U.S. by Q-Cells, and we have "high density" panels, which are Solaria 360. These are great for homes with limited roof space. All of our panels are triple black.

There is an adder of 15 cents/Watt for the Q-Cell 340 Panels.

There is an adder of 25 cents/Watt for the Solaria 360 panels.

We have a partnership with Yingli where we buy in bulk, factory direct. Our pricing with Yingli is extraordinary and we pass those savings on to you and by extension the homeowner.

Upon request, we'll also provide LG and Panasonic panels at an adder of 30 cents/Watt, but why do that? If you want a high-density panel, the Solaria is amazing and costs less than the LG or Panasonic.

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