Depending on the solar system, the home, and the homeowner’s desires for their system, various installation projects may include different “adders.” Some adders are necessary for the solar system to be able to operate, while others are optional features a homeowner might prefer.

An example of an operational adder would be if a roof is constructed with tile or a particularly steep roof. Each of these may incur an additional cost to install the panels.

An example of an elected adder would be an optional battery system.

Adders are outlined in the table below. If an adder price is marked with an asterisk (*), the price will automatically be calculated in the app once it is selected. All other adders must be added manually by the salesperson in the app’s ITC adder line.

Important: Be sure to take note of potential adders from the very beginning of the sales process! Adders that are not identified until after funding has been secured could result in out-of-pocket costs for the homeowner or the need to revisit funding approval, all of which can increase the likelihood of contract cancellation.

* When selected, the cost is added automatically in the app.

NOTE: The MPU price is $2,500 for the state of Indiana.

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