Clean.Tech Site Audit:
Items CleanTech needs for a "virtual" site audit to move projects along faster: (purpose of the photo is in parens)

1] Photo of the front of the drivers license for people on title of the home. (identity verification for lenders)

2] Copy of recent utility bill - all pages (we need name, address, account number, and meter number for the interconnection application)

3] Main panel label (amp rating - is a Main Panel Upgrade (MPU) needed? Add $2000 to the Adder 1 ITC line on the pricing page in the app. Refer to this matrix to determine when an MPU is required. The pictures below show an example of a 'good' and 'bad' main panel photo, respectively.

4] Main panel breakers and sub-panel breakers (condition of panel, available space for solar/battery breaker/s). We need a close-up of the main breaker switch to see the rating number; 100, 125, 150, 200.

5] Rafters if easily accessible (engineering review)

6] Exterior of roof (condition/type)

NOTE: 3 layers of composition shingle MUST be replaced before installing solar, 2 layers of composition shingles should be replaced if in poor condition. Solar should only be installed on a roof that will last >20 years. See this article for adding a new roof to your solar project.

7] Close up of meter (We need to see the meter number. SmartMeter / PTO / NET Metering)

8] Photo of wire drop/meter/main panel from 20 feet back (if the main is 100 amp the utility wire drop might need to be upgraded by utility to accommodate 200 amp MPU. NA if underground electric)

Please email photos to

Click here to check out a list of tools + items from that we recommend salespeople purchase to be prepared to take good site photos.

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