Clean.Tech Site Audit:
Items you can provide while you are in the home for a site audit to move projects along faster: (purpose of the photo is in parens)

1] Photo of the front of the drivers license for people in title of the home. (loan verification for ezSolar Loan)

2] Main panel label (amp rating)

3] Main panel breakers and sub-panel breakers (available space for solar/battery breaker/s)

4] Rafters if easily accessible (engineering review)

5] Exterior of roof (condition/type)

6] Close up of meter (SmartMeter / PTO / NET Metering)

7] Photo of wire drop/meter/main panel from 20 feet back (if the main is 100 amp the utility wire drop might need to upgraded by utility to accommodate 200 amp MPU. NA if underground electric)

For virtual sales:
Some of these photos are available via Google/Google Earth Pro overhead and Street view.

Some homeowners (HOs) are more capable than others in taking/sending photos. You do not need to ask ALL HOs to provide these other than the DL pics (#1)

If a HO is capable, the other photos are nice to have, but not required at this stage.

Please email photos to or upload them here in the help center with the customer name and address.

Customer Success Team

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