The Discovery process is key for increasing your chance of success.

Whether you work door-to-door, in person by appointment, or virtual sales, the Art of Discovery is the key to your success.

Selling to both homeowners will increase your chance of success by 50%.

Homeowners make decisions based on two emotions; passion and fear.

Find out what they are passionate about and what are their concerns.

What do they love about the idea of solar?

What could prevent them from buying solar?

Build basic trust by asking open-ended questions and listening, Active Listening*, and taking notes. It is even more important what you are saying to a homeowner when you listen. Listening is a sign of respect.

Really do take notes, mentally, or write them down. You will need them later.

Listen to the "keywords" where you sense passion or fear.

"Double click" on the keywords. Ask open-ended follow-up questions to the "keywords" to uncover what their passion or fear is all about.

You will be surprised how listening with compassion will build trust stronger than any other behavior. If you really listen, empathize, and understand their "keywords". You will be able to refer to those when it is time to close the sale.

Once you have a grasp of their passion and concerns. Do a recap. This is where your notes come in handy, the first time. This is your opportunity to let them know you were really listening. And it's amazing what will happen if they first think you respect them.

Homeowners love people who listen and don't try to "sell" them.

This is also an opportunity for them to tell you more. Because they trust you now. Take note of these concerns too, they can end up being more important than you think.

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