With Clean.Tech, you have many options for financing. When you open a solar deal and the customer signs the contract, be sure to secure the financing. There are other articles and videos on the different loan products in your Help Center and here is what you do to secure the funding with each loan option. Not all loan options are available in all markets. The loan options available in your market will be in the drop down menu in Elli (our software). Be sure to hit "Calculate" after selecting your option:

With CASH deals, we take a $1,000 deposit and then 50% of the balance once the site plans are complete and the equipment is ordered. The final 50% is due when the system is installed. If they are paying by check (best option), simply take a picture of the front and back of the check and email it to: accounting@clean.tech or you can mail them to our accountant at: Attn: Clean.Tech, 1110 Alhambra Ave, Martinez, CA 94553

Checks should be made payable to Clean.Tech.

You can also pay by credit card (but there is a 3% fee) by calling 925 359 9374.

All Lenders -- be prepared to help the homeowner get approval!

Items they will need handy:

1] Identity Verification: Photos of the IDs for all titleholders / co-borrowers.

2] Verification of Income (VOI): Paystubs, tax forms, mortgage statements, trust document (first page listing trustees)

Accuracy = Speed of approval

Be sure to enter the correct homeowner contact information in CleanTech app and use the same information in the loan application. You should add all title-holders or co-borrowers (co-borrowers do not have to be on title) and include income for both to qualify faster.

Enium -- super easy and efficient. After you select Enium and hit "Calculate" just go to the blue "Agreement" button on the lower right and select the blue button that says "Proceed to Enium's loan Application." Then everything is done right through the App. You will often get an instant approval. If you have any issues, call 844 500 9695 and press 1. They will walk you through it.

LoanPal has a very simple and efficient process. Just click this link and fill out the information: https://apply.loanpal.com/CleanTech/ct1

The portal will prompt the homeowner(s) for uploading their IDs and any other documents they might need to approve a loan (paystubs, tax forms, etc)

Ezsolarloan.com is a great option because they have no dealer fee, but their approval process is longer and more complicated. Currently, you may expect to wait 3-7 business days for conditional loan approvals or loan commitments. From that point, it may take another 3-5 business days before your loan can be funded.

Be sure to list CleanTech as the solar installer on page 2 of the EZSolar Loan application. We get a daily progress report to track loans.

To apply, simply go to: https://app.loanspq.com/pl/PersonalLoan.aspx?enc=Kw21Wblm1yxpjJabdoZaDw7DMxSSpjsR1vGrtdNIV6xSQ80Io3WDIN0t-u7UHBJ9meW2FDGfj-fTV_GYOuPms-4XM7FQpsbwqEflzR0eS_8

Mortgage Solutions Financial is a complete refinance of the mortgage. This can be a great option for some customers who have lower credit and want the lowest pricing. This is a longer process, but they handle everything. Make sure your customer understands that they will be getting a new mortgage loan and their solar will be rolled into that loan. Just call the experts at MSF and let them handle everything: English: 888 507 0514 and Spanish: 888 507 0518.

Sunlight Financial has approved Clean.Tech and will be coming soon.

PACE Funding will be live soon in CA, FL and MO.

PACE is live in the CleanTech app, but you need to contact Customer Success at installation@clean.tech BEFORE you close any PACE deals. Extensive training from our partner Pace Funding Group (PFG) is required by law.

NOTE: PACE pricing is not accurate in our app. There are significant closing costs that vary by homeowner. We can run a calculator in the PFG portal to give you an idea of more accurate payments.

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