1. Tap the blue home & person icon to access the financing information page.

Here, you can:

2. Include adders costs, which are added costs to be included in the solar system. Click here for more detail and information on specific adders.

3. View information on the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The homeowner will need to work with his/her tax professional to understand the full benefit of ITC related savings.

4. Review potential incentives offered by the homeowner's state, town, or utility company.

5. Access the "Financing Details" screen.

Within the "Financing Details" screen, you can:

  1. Review and select available funding partners and their affiliated loan products. Click here for more information on Clean.Tech funding partners.
  2. Adjust commission by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and selecting 'Update Commission'. Use the white circle slider to select the commission you feel is fair for the deal and the market. Elli will build your commission into the contract.

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