In the rare case that Elli is not able to auto-generate a proposal (occasionally, in more remote areas of the country or with newer construction), a manual proposal will need to be created. To request and create a manual proposal, simply do the following:

  1. If this screen appears upon entering an address, click 'Proceed'.

2. Take a photo of the homeowner's utility bill. If do not have a bill upload any photo.

3. Indicate the percentage of annual energy usage the homeowner would like to offset with their solar system as well as their annual electricity usage in kilowatt hours. For example, write in the notes. “Annual usage is 13,459 kWh, please offset 100%". This is best to do every time because sometimes the bills are blurry.

4. Provide as many details as you feel necessary to design the desired system, such as roof plane(s) to place the system on. The more detailed the better.

A manual proposal costs 1 credit. Each salesperson is given 3 free credits upon joining Clean.Tech. If needed, more credits can be purchased in the dashboard, and 10 additional free credits will be provided each time you sell a project through the Clean.Tech app.

Once the proposal has been requested, you will receive a notification from Petr on your dashboard, and in the app, in approximately 20 minutes indicating that the manual proposal and its six-digit tracking number are complete and ready for viewing.

For faster modifications to an existing manual design, please provide the six-digit tracking number, the customer's annual usage in kWh and desired offset percentage.

Manual designs cannot be edited within the app.* To make edits to the proposal – including panel additions, subtractions, reach out to Clean.Tech via the chat bot (and be sure to cite the six-digit reference number!)

*You may switch panels type on manual designs! All blue type can be edited by clicking on it.

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