Commission Payments are made at two primary points in the solar installation process depending on the funding partner utilized for the project.

ezSolarLoan – pays 50% commission at time of funding approval, and 50% upon customer certificate of completion, i.e installation.

Enium, LoanPal, Sunlight, & Pace Funding Group – pay 100% commission when installation is completed.

Note: Enium starts in each market as 100% at installation and can transition to 50%/50% like ezSolarLoan over time.

Click here for more information on financing partners and loan products available to Clean.Tech customers.

If you are part of a sales team, Disbursement of Funds come directly from your sales team. Please inquire with your sales team leaders for details on how individual commissions are paid out.

Independent sales professionals are paid through ACH direct deposit by Clean.Tech. W9 and Direct Deposit forms will be provided when a commission is due.

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