So what comes next after the solar contract has been signed? Here is a listing and timeline of Clean.Tech solar installation process actions and activities:

‘Welcome’ and Funding Approval - These initial actions and activities rely heavily on your input and proactivity as the sales rep. First and foremost, work with your homeowner to apply for and sign loan documents, or if paying by credit card or check, ensure they’ve responded to the invoice sent by Clean.Tech’s accounting team. Then, in the proposal, include the required documents by uploading the complete utility bill and site photos, and fill out the Customer Contact Information section.

Once these basic items are in place, you and your customer will contact Clean.Tech to conduct the Welcome Call. On the Welcome Call, we’ll review components of the solar project to ensure all applicable documentation is in place and known adders are included. Here, the Clean.Tech Team will then submit for notice to proceed (NTP) on projects using third party funding, and set expectations and timelines for the coming solar installation experience.

Planset Engineering & Permitting - After funding approval and welcome activities are complete, the project proceeds to the Fulfillment Team where any required site survey activities, and planset engineering, occur. Here, as the homeowner reviews and signs off on their final solar design, Clean.Tech will pair the planset with a leading local installer and file for the appropriate permits in the project's local jurisdiction and with the utility company. You and the homeowner will be notified as permitting is submitted and received.

Equipment Procurement & Installation - Clean.Tech coordinates with the local installation team to procure and deliver the selected and necessary solar panels, inverter, and racking equipment to the customer’s address. Clean.Tech also communicates with the homeowner to confirm the physical date for installation. The installation itself typically takes 1-2 days, with the homeowner made aware if the specifics of their project necessitate a lengthier installation.

Final Inspection & PTO - After installation, Clean.Tech and the installer coordinate to schedule final inspection activities, along with submitting net metering and permission to operate (PTO) paperwork with the utility to formally turn on the homeowner's solar system. Clean.Tech also communicates with the homeowner to facilitate an understanding of their new solar system and clarify any operations-related items of importance.

To track your projects’ progress, use the Deals tab within the Clean.Tech app Dashboard. On the Deals board, you will see color-coded updates on per-step progress. And, know that you and your customer will be notified of progress by automated emails & text messages throughout the process as steps on the Deal board are completed.

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