So what comes next after the solar contract has been signed? Here is a timeline of the post-contract process:

Welcome Call- Once the solar contract has been signed, Clean.Tech will conduct a Welcome Call with you and your homeowner to congratulate you on the project, gather required documents and site photos, and discuss upcoming steps in the installation process. The Project Coordinator performing these calls will be the main point of contact throughout the installation experience. Clean.Tech uses the site photos received during the Welcome Call to identify any necessary Adders that must be added to the solar system. These adders need to be identified as early as possible in order to alter the price of the project BEFORE the application/funding is approved by the lender.

Funding Approval - Clean.Tech works with you, your homeowner, and the funding partner to make the financing experience as seamless as possible. Note that it is primarily the responsibility of the sales rep to work with the homeowner to apply for financing and sign loan documents. For customers paying cash, a deposit invoice email will be sent to the homeowner and must be paid in order for them to receive official funding approval and advance to the next stage.

Planset Engineering & Permitting - The homeowner signs off on their final solar design and Clean.Tech will pair the planset with a leading local installer. Clean.Tech then files for the appropriate permits for the project's local jurisdiction and utility company. You and the homeowner will be notified as permitting is submitted and received.

Equipment Procurement & Installation - Clean.Tech supplies all equipment directly to the installer and collaborates directly with the homeowner and installer to schedule installation activities. The installation itself typically takes one day.

Final Inspection & PTO - After installation, Clean.Tech and the installer coordinate in scheduling the final inspection, alongside submitting net metering and permission to operate (PTO) paperwork to formally turn on the homeowner's solar system.

Notification of project progress can be followed directly within your Clean.Tech Dashboard on the Deals tab. Additionally, you will be notified of job progress by email & text message at important milestones throughout the process.

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