There are three different panel options available from Clean.Tech. All panels are triple black, meaning that they have a black frame, black cells, and black back-sheet. This provides an ultra-sleek, modern design as well as maximum functionality.

Please view the details in the table below and indicate in the app which panel the customer has chosen. The default is the Yingli 320 Watt panel.

Be sure to communicate any important adders to the fulfillment team.

Panel Brand & Name


Adder (automatically calculated in the app)

Performance Warranty

Origin of Manufacture

Yingli YLM - Ti 60 Cell

320 Watt


25 years


Q-Cells Q.Peak Duo Blk-G6+

340 Watt

15¢ / Watt

25 years


Q-Cells Q.Peak Duo Blk-ML-G9

380 Watt

45¢ / Watt

25 years


Yingli YLM-Ti 60 Cell

Q-Cells Q.Peak Duo Blk-G6+

Q-Cells Q.Peak Duo Blk ML-G9

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