Clean.Tech currently offers two energy storage systems for homeowners to choose from, outlined in the table below.

The LG Chem16 batteries can be added to a proposal directly in the app. Doing so will also automatically add the price of the battery, inverter, and additional installation cost into the contract.

If the Generac PWR cell system is preferred, do not select the battery option in the app. Instead, add the appropriate adder as listed below in the ITC Adder line of the app.

Brand & Model

Total Energy Stored (in kWh)

Performance Warranty




10 years


Generac PWR Cell




10 years

Manually add to the ITC Adder in the App:

8.6 = $10,000

11.4 = $11,500

14.3 = $13,000

For additional resources in selecting an appropriate battery size, click here.


Generac PWR cell

Depending on the size of the solar system, systems that include batteries will require a different inverter than the one usually used in systems without a battery. In systems with batteries, Clean.Tech will use either an Outback Skybox Hybrid Inverter, a Sol-Ark Hybrid Inverter, or a StorEdge single phase inverter. With the StorEdge inverter, we also include SolarEdge power optimizers. Clean.Tech automatically applies the appropriate inverter to the system, so there is no need for you to choose the inverter in the app.

Coming in 2021

Beginning in 2021, Clean.Tech will be offering a proprietary energy storage system featuring:

  • A modular 4 kWh Lithium-based energy storage system that can be tailored to the needs and budget of the customer.
  • Versatile wall and floor mount options rated for indoor and outdoor placement.
  • Portable modules that can be used for camping, tailgating, hiking, and countless other uses for access to energy while away from home.
  • An integrated 120V/12A electric vehicle charging port

All hardware supplied by Clean.Tech comes with a workmanship warranty of 10 years, which requires the installer to resolve covered issues at no cost to the homeowner.

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