Sometimes "Elli", our A.I. software, does not accurately recognize each individual plane of the roof of a home. For example, she will sometimes treat the garage and house as two separate houses or will treat two separate roof planes as one single plane. In the past it was an “admin only” feature to be able to manually edit the roof planes, but now you can do it yourself directly from your dashboard.

Follow these steps to edit roof planes on an existing proposal:

  1. Search for the address of the home you would like to edit in the search bar on your dashboard.

2. Select the home.

3. Click the ‘edit’ button in the top left corner of the proposal.

4. In this case, the back half of the house was not captured by Elli. Click the blue dot to add a plane.

5. Drag the red dots and stretch them to cover the entire area of the roof plane in question. Note: Sometimes you may have to drag the red dots beyond the roof plane to ensure that the entire plane is covered.

6. Repeat for any other roof planes. Make sure that every viable plane is covered, but do not worry about small roof planes where panels would not fit. Note: You may have to delete existing roof planes. Edit an existing plane by tapping on it and delete it by tapping the orange circle.

7. Click ‘save’.

8. Click ‘continue’. This is going to erase any past design you had and create a new proposal.

This feature is currently an MVP (minimum viable product). It will continually improve, and the more you use it, the easier it will be. Watch this video for a walk-through of the process:

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