As soon as the homeowner signs their solar agreement, Clean.Tech will send a congratulatory email to you asking for basic project-related follow-up information. Clean.Tech also conducts a quick phone call with the homeowner at this time to congratulate them, confirm their status toward project funding approval, and appropriately set expectations for the remainder of the installation process.

Here are instructions on how to best respond to that email to ensure we receive all requested information:

1. Photo of a recent electricity bill

  • Attach a photo of all pages of your homeowners’ recent electricity bill.

2. Site Photos

Send us focused, well-lit, high resolution pictures of the following site photos (photos taken with a phone camera are the norm)

  • Electrical - confirm main service panel rating (100, 125, 150, 200 amp)

- Main Panel, including main panel label showing the amp rating

- Main panel breakers and sub-panel breakers

- Close up of outdoor meter showing meter number

- Wire drop/meter from 20 feet back

  • Roof & Rafters

-Exterior of each mounting plane in detail (use a ladder or selfie stick to get the camera up high)

- Profile showing the slope of the roof

- Rafters: Typically inside the attic, under the roof where the system will be mounted

For even more detailed information on site photos, click here.

3. Adder details

Send us detailed information about the adders included in this project as well as their costs.

Adders typically include:

For even more detailed information about the adders we offer, click here.

4. Financial details

Let us know whether your homeowner has chosen to pay for their solar system via check, credit card, or with a loan. If the homeowner has chosen to take out a solar loan, let us know if the customer’s loan application has been submitted, or if you would like any further guidance regarding this stage of the process.

For more information regarding financing, click here.

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