Sometimes Elli gets the address wrong on a 3D design. Don't blame her, blame Apple!

This can happen (quite often) with manual design requests. The GPS points that Google* picks up can assign the wrong street numbers and even the wrong street name! *We use Google for manual designs because the imagery is more up-to-date.

In the app (not on your dashboard in the browser) click the blue button at the bottom of the main page "Review agreement, sign up" to enter or edit the homeowner name, phone, email, and street address. No need to enter the city*, Elli has you covered. *Don't worry if the city name is different from their ID if the home is correct. This can happen <5% of the time.

Edit info here:

Make 100% sure this information is correct before you get an agreement signed by the homeowner. Use the photo IDs to double check the home address, email address and phone number. Make sure they match the loan application (and the title of the home)!

An incorrect address is one of the main reasons why we have to correct contracts for lenders. Get their ID, take a picture of it, but use it to complete their contact info so it matches the loan application and title of the home!

Side note about addresses:

When a manual design is complete you get a notification from Petr. Not only can we find your manual design faster by using the Tracking number, but we can pass on simple instructions to the design team.

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