This is the process for all solar projects in Illinois.

We are set up as under an Approved Vendor, and can issue Disclosure forms.

The process we have set up is:

  1. Submit the CleanTech Proposal link and customer info - Clean.Tech IL Disclosure Form Request
  2. Ben Peters will create an IL Disclosure form, and send to the salesperson. The customer will get an email notice when I create the form.
  3. Customer signs the Disclosure form
  4. Customer signs the CleanTech contract (from the proposal)
  5. Customer gets financing approved, has welcome call, or makes cash deposit for system purchase
  6. Ben will process the system and create an "SREC Contract" via one of our "Approved Vendors" - IL has a requirement that SRECs need to be registered and submitted by approved vendors, so customers will need to sign this second SREC contract to process their rebate.
  7. The customer will need to make a deposit (5% of rebate amount) and pay a nominal fee ($100) as part of the rebate process. Because the rebate is based on 15 years of system production, IL requires them to make a small deposit in order to ensure the system performs as expected over the timeframe. The Approved Vendor manages all the paperwork. For a ~10kW system, the customer gets a ~$10k rebate, pays a $100 non refundable application fee, makes a $550 deposit (aka "bond") they get back the $550 after they have produced their 15 year SREC amount, and the Approved Vendor takes 10% out of the rebate to process.
  8. Meanwhile - our install team is selecting our local install team to perform the work, getting started on designs and permitting, etc.
  9. System is installed and energized
  10. Final SREC paperwork is completed, and rebate check is issued to customer. Note that this rebate check can take a while to process, the state moves slowly to make these payments, but they are good for it!

Note that Illinois ABP (Adjustable Block Program) also requires us to maintain a list of all the sales reps selling in IL under our approval. Please provide: First Name, Last Name, email address, city they are located in.

The <10kW program still has funding. The >10 kW program is fully reserved until the state provides more funding. More funding might be available in 2021.

We are in the process of building the Disclosure form into our App.

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