CleanTech Engineers plan for all permit jurisdictions implementing the International Fire Code for fire safety at any time. Some building department jurisdictions enforce this today, some do not, but might at any time.

Be prepared and avoid delays to your projects!

Please design to comply in order to avoid a "kick-back" to you from Engineering requiring a new CleanTech Agreement for a smaller system and a Change Order for a new loan. Both require new signatures from the homeowner.

Please design solar systems to comply with this guideline.

Design Hint: a panel is about 40" x 64" wide. If a panel is placed in landscape orientation along the ridge, delete that row and you have allowed for enough space for compliance. The same is true for the edge of the roof per the illustration below.

International Fire Code

The IFC states in article 605. that “modules should be located in a manner that provides access pathway for firefighters.”

It also says in article 605. that “panels/modules installed shall be located no higher than 3 ft (36") below the ridge to allow for fire department ventilation operations.”

Combined, these codes require a 3-ft clearance down from the ridge of a pitched roof to allow for fire departments to ventilate the building. Additionally, a clear 3-ft pathway needs to be available for firefighter access to the roof.

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