From time to time you may need or want to remove a Salesperson from your company sales team on the app. Simply follow the instructions here in letting us know ‘Who’ and ‘Why’ and we will remove them from your team.*

How Do I Remove a Salesperson From My Team? Reach out via Chat Support or by sending an email to: to remove someone from your sales team; and provide the reason for removal, so we may act accordingly.

*We ask ‘Why’, as if it is a bad actor in the industry we want to know, so as to block them from joining a different team in the future

Who Can Request Removing a Salesperson from Your Team? The person listed as The Manager on the person’s dashboard, or the Owner of the company.

How Will Removal of the Salesperson Occur? Our IT team will remove them from your team.

Can I Request to Reinstate a Removed Salesperson to My Team? If you ever want to reactivate a salesperson who has been removed from your team, just let us know via Chat or email to and we will restore their account.

NOTE: If the salesperson has any sold deals, i.e. "Done - Contract Signed" on their Deals dashboard in our platform we will need to maintain their account internally for tracking, commissions, and accounting purposes.

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