Welcome to Clean.Tech! We’re excited to have you collaborating with us and using our cutting edge A.I., artificial intelligence-enabled platform to deliver fast, accurate, and consistent solar systems for you and your customers. We are at the cutting edge of the ‘tech’ aspect of solar. Simply provide an address, and let our A.I. go to work for you to design, engineer & price a system with speed and accuracy never before seen in our industry. Our A.I. we call her Elli, will also help you refine your clients system based on electricity usage, desired location of panels, and financing and monthly payment objectives.

To get the most out of our Clean.Tech platform, we’re designing a full video and Help Center library to help optimize and maximize use of our app throughout the sales process. Our video library and help center are designed to provide the basics around using the app and enabling our A.I., Elli, to assist in designing quick and accurate solar systems.

We highly encourage you to watch these videos and reference the articles in sequence, as they were built and designed with your success in mind. Or, take advantage of the search-ability of the platform to go directly to topics and items of immediate importance and need. And, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts using the Chat Support feature for answers to questions and curiosities in real-time.

Our goal is to have you quickly and easily master the Clean.Tech app so we can truly revolutionize the solar landscape together and get solar in front of more excited homeowners than ever before.

The bottom line is, Clean.Tech is the most hassle free, cutting edge, fully equipped solar partner in the industry. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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