In this article, we will show you how to sign into the Clean.Tech app, select a home, and auto-generate a solar system design. We will also provide a visual of the Clean.Tech-created design that you will use to edit and customize electricity usage, panel design, and financing details on the way to a full proposal and contract for your customer.

1. Download the Clean.Tech app from the App Store. As of right now, the app operates on iOS platform products, including iPhones and iPads.

2. Sign in using the username and password Clean.Tech has provided to you.

3. In some cases, Clean.Tech may provide you with an invitation code that you can use to sign in for the first time.

4. Once you are in the app, search for any address in the U.S. using the search bar.

5. Once Elli has located the home, you will notice that she creates pins above each home. Different colored pins have different meanings:

- A clear pin with a blue outline means this house has not yet been analyzed by Elli

- A solid white pin with a blue outline indicates that this home has been analyzed and the proposal is ready for you to review or edit

- A solid blue pin with a white outline means a proposal has been made and edited

- A solid blue pin with a white checkmark means a proposal has already been signed for the house in question

- A clear pin with a red outline means that the home is in an area of the country where 3D imaging is not yet available. Learn more about requesting a manual or 2D design by viewing the video or referencing the ‘Requesting a Manual Solar Design’ article in our help center

6. In the rare instance that Elli does not generate a pin for the home you are selecting, tap and hold your finger on the roof of the desired home.

7. Elli will use her automated intelligence to recognize the house and create a pin for you. Tap 'Yes, add house' to manually add the home.

8. To select a house, tap and hold the pin above the house you want with your finger. Elli will auto-generate a solar design based on numerous factors including the home’s size, geography, climate, local utility rate rates, and estimated energy use.

9. It usually takes Elli 3 - 5 minutes to generate the solar design.

10. Once Elli has completed her work, the automated proposal will open on the screen and look like this.

This is everything you need to know about signing into the Clean.Tech app, selecting a home, and auto-generating a solar system design. Next, review ‘Building a Proposal in the App’, Parts II - V articles/videos to customize your solar design by specifying energy usage, specifying the positioning of panels, selecting project financing, and ultimately sharing the proposal with your customer for their review and contract signature.

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