Once your customer’s solar system has been fully designed, it’s time to share the proposal with your customer. The following article walks through: Generating the proposal, Entering customer contact information, Reviewing the proposal, and Sending the proposal to your homeowner for their own review and signing of their Clean.Tech contract.

If needed, check out ‘Building a Proposal in the App’, Parts I - IV to fully generate a solar design, from: searching for and selecting a customer’s home address, to updating energy usage to reflect personalized annual kWh, to designing and positioning solar panels on the home, to selecting financing to meet your customer’s price and monthly payment objectives.

1. From the home page of your design, tap the icon in the top right of the screen and a pop up will appear from the bottom of your screen.

2. Select ‘Generate Proposal’ from the pop up. If you have not already entered the homeowner’s contact information, Elli will prompt you to do so here.

3. Verify that all homeowner information is correct, as this is the information that will populate the proposal, the contract, and ultimately any applicable loan documents. After entering the customer’s name and contact information, tap ‘Looks good, proceed to proposal’ to view and email the final proposal directly from your mobile device.

4. Tap ‘Looks good, proceed to agreement’

5. You can now view your proposal. Check to make sure the customer’s contact information, along with yours, is correct at the top of the document. Then scroll through to review and familiarize yourself with the content of your proposal. The Clean.Tech proposal contains useful information for your customer to fully understand their solar design, financial, and social benefits. The proposal includes the following project information:

- Project Financing information

- Investment Tax Credit (ITC) amount

- Projected monthly savings

- Equipment details & specifications

- System properties

- Warranty information

- Environmental benefits

- Enhanced home value projections

6. Tap on the ‘send’ icon on the bottom menu bar to share the proposal with your customer by your desired medium, whether email or text.

7. As your customer reviews the proposal, know that as they scroll to the bottom of the document they will find the Sign Agreement section and button, which takes them to the corresponding Clean.Tech contract for review and signature.

Signing the contract will kick off a series of Documentation items to gather and have signed by you and your customer. Accomplishing these items will result in confirming project funding and aggregating a complete set of information, or perfect packet, as we like to call it, so the Clean.Tech Fulfillment Team can expedite activities en route to the solar installation. Familiarize yourself with the ‘Documentation Requirements’ video and article as you get to this stage in the sales process.

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