Depending on the solar system, the home, and the homeowner’s expectations for their system, project installations may include what are termed “products & adders.” These are items and related costs beyond the basic panels, inverters, racking package.

If you are part of Clean.Tech’s sales team, you need to select all products associated with your homeowner’s solar system in the app, and make note of adder needs in the notes section of the proposal; but, you do not need to include adder costs as they are built into the target pricing of the project*. Meanwhile, if you are an independent sales partner or part of a sales team, be sure to select all applicable products in the app and include all known adders, as items identified after funding has been secured can result in reduced sales commissions, out-of-pocket costs for the homeowner, or the need to revisit funding approval, and ultimately increase the potential of project delay or cancelation.

* If as a Clean.Tech sales representative you are including SolarInsure, work with your sales leaders to include this cost in the target price and document it in the notes section of the proposal.


Products represent those items that are selected within the app. As you design your homeowner’s solar system be sure to make the appropriate selections for their project. Products auto-calculated in the app include the following, with several further defined and their cost quantified below:

  • Small System Size, Roofing Type, Solar Panel Upgrade, Battery, Ground Mount


Adders are items not selected in the app, yet need to be added on the ITC Adders line item within the app. Common adders can include the following, with greater definition and costing defined below:

  • Main Panel Upgrade (MPU), Sub panel Upgrade, Steep Roof, Moving a Vent Pipe, Travel Adder, Ground Mount Trenching

Contact us through Chat Support if you have any questions around products and adders listed here, or any items that may add costs to the solar system, to be sure they are properly quantified and included in the app to avoid any later cost increases for the customer, or reductions of commission.





Small Size system < 5kW

Adder accounts for fixed cost associated with system installation

$.40/ Watt*

Metal roof

Corrugated or standing seam

$.10/ Watt*

Flat Tile roof

Cement & walkable tiles without breaking

$.10/ Watt*

Flat roof < 5º

Chemically bonded

$.10/ Watt*

Hard Spanish Tile

“S” shape

Cement & walkable without breaking

$.10/ Watt*

Soft Spanish Tile

“S” shape

Clay, ceramic, breakable

$.50/ Watt*

Ground Mount, Substructure

Trenching not included

$.50/ Watt

Adders (manually added to pricing and noted in the proposal)




Main Panel Upgrade

Potentially necessary in older homes or when home has 100 amp Main Service Panel and solar system is larger than 5 kW


Sub panel Upgrade

Potentially necessary when main panel requires additional room to add circuits


Move Vent Pipe

Non-combustion vents only

$200 each

Steep roof > 35°

Steeper than 45º may be disqualified

$.20/ Watt

Travel Adder

Incurred when extenuating drive times, related mileage, or lodging are required

Quantify cost with Clean.Tech through Chat Support

Ground Mount Trenching, Conduit, and Wiring

Linear distance from array to service panel, avoiding obstructions

$150 flat fee plus

$15/ Linear Foot in dirt. Cement - Quantify cost with Clean.Tech through Chat Support

* When you select these Products in the App the price is calculated automatically.

Adders need to be calculated by you and entered on the 'Adders (included in ITC)' line in the App. Be sure to thoroughly describe Adders in the notes section of the customer proposal to let our team know what is needed.

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