As you make a sale, there are a few items the Clean.Tech Team needs from you to move the project forward. Plan to provide the following items within 72 hours of the sale. Upon the signing of finance documents & the Clean.Tech contract, uploading of a full utility bill, and completion of the welcome call, our team can mark your project as notice to proceed (NTP), or approved for financing by our financing partners; and the internal milestone of ‘Project Accepted’ will be achieved. Then, upon completion of providing Site Photos and Additional Customer Information in the proposal, your project will be marked as ‘Install Ready’, such that the fulfillment team can move ahead with: plan set engineering, permitting, and scheduling installation. Work with the Customer Agent & Quality Assurance (QA) Teams to successfully attain and exceed these milestones.

Sign Financing Documents - If utilizing one of our funding providers for project financing, work with your customer to: apply for the loan, submit any stipulation documents, and sign their electronic loan documents. To achieve finance approval (NTP), a lender may require you or your customer to submit these types of stipulations:

  • Drivers license or passport

  • Verification of ownership (Title/Deed)

  • Current month mortgage statement for recent home purchase

  • Covenant's, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&R) for townhomes to prove ownership of the roof

  • First page of Trust document to show borrower is a ‘Primary Trustee’

See complementary articles in the Financing section of our Help Center for application guidance with each of our funding providers.

Sign Clean.Tech Contract - Prepare and send the Clean.Tech solar contract for the customer to electronically sign. Make sure that:

  • Customer name phone number, email, and their physical address match the financing agreement

  • Solar system total cost and equipment details match information entered on the financing application, e.g. system size, panel and inverter manufacturer

Upload Utility Bill - At the bottom of the proposal where it indicates “Upload Images”, you or your customer upload all pages of a recent utility bill. Images need to clearly show: customer name, address, account number, and meter number. [This is required for interconnection applications].

Welcome Call - As a component of getting the project to NTP and Project accepted, as you complete the above items, call our Customer Agent Team at 877-313-5429 with your customer to conduct a brief welcome call to congratulate the customer, confirm basic project details, and set expectations for upcoming activities.

We are available for Welcome Calls from 7am to 11pm Pacific (10am to 2am) Eastern Monday through Saturday.

Upload Site Photos - Similarly, at the bottom of the proposal you or your customer upload the eight (8) requested site photos. Photo examples are detailed below.

Additional Customer Information - Along with the Utility Bill and Site Photos, we also ask sales representatives to be as detail-oriented as possible when it comes to describing project details. You will notice a section at the bottom of the proposal to:

  • Name a point of contact (if not the direct homeowner) and best contact information

  • Include HOA details (if applicable). Our fulfillment team will work with your homeowner and their homeowners association throughout the solar install process

  • Include Adders Information; Like for a main electric panel upgrade for example. Please reference our article on adders in the Help Center for more detail.

  • Provide any additional project-specific details of note, and any customer expectations of importance.

Site Photo Examples

Roof surfaces where panels are to be placed

Four Corners of House Exterior

Close-up of electric utility meter (clearly showing utility # & company)

Electric utility meter (show 6ft around)

Main breaker switch (clearly show the number imprinted on switch)

Main Panel Breakers (clear photo showing all breakers)

Main Electric Panel (show 6 feet around it)

Main Electric Panel Label/Sticker (on inside of panel door)

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