Clean.Tech is here for you before and after you make your solar sales.

Support Before the Sale

Pre-Sale Support is often related to the following items, although pre-sale inquiries can of course be about nearly anything when it comes to working with excited homeowners. Common pre-sale topics, include: General mastery of using the app, Solar panel layout, Selection of financing, and Proposal generation & presentation to the customer.

So whether it’s one of these items above, or something completely separate, it’s easy to connect with a Clean.Tech expert to find the needed piece of information or answer. The easiest way to get in touch with Clean.Tech is to use our Chat Support. Access Chat through your app interface by navigating to your dashboard and either clicking the blue circle in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, or scrolling down the left menu bar to the Chat link. However you get there, Elli will engage a Chat bot to offer prospective solutions to your inquiry, or if you need to connect with a person, type in your question and one of our team members will engage with you in real-time. Additionally, you can reach our pre-sale support team directly at

Support After the Sale

Post-Sale Support is often related to the following aspects of the solar project installation process: Obtaining required documentation & Status of project funding approval, Permitting, Date of installation, and Permission to operate (PTO) activation activities.

Whatever the question, concern, or general desire for an update, our post-sale support team, a.k.a. Customer Service Team, is available by email or phone, at:


And, if your homeowner has a general question or is in need of a specific update, they are invited to connect with us by email or phone, at:


NOTE: When you email or a help desk ticket is created, tracked, and routed to the appropriate team for resolution. We strive to respond in a timely manner within 2 business days.

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