As you make a sale, there are a few Requirements the Clean.Tech Team needs from you to move the project forward. Execute on the following items as soon as feasible upon your customer’s signing the Clean.Tech contract so our Customer Success Team can get your project approved for financing and on to the fulfillment team for activities including: plan set engineering, permitting, installation, and permission to operate.

Upload Utility Bill - You or your customer go into the proposal and upload all pages of a recent utility bill at the bottom of the proposal where it says “Upload Images”. Off the bill, customer name, address, account number, and meter number are required for interconnection application].

Upload Site Photos - Similarly to the Utility Bill, go into the proposal and you or your customer ‘upload images’ of the requested pre-project photos. These photos will assist in identifying any adders that you can roll into project financing, and in the engineering team designing a system to meet customer expectations and local jurisdiction permitting requirements. If unable to obtain and upload photos, notify the Customer Success Team at 925-678-5610 and we will schedule a remote site audit and attach the nominal $250 fee to your project. Examples of good photos are detailed below.

Attain Funding Approval - If utilizing one of our funding providers for project financing, work with your customer to apply, and obtain, approval for the project. [See complementary articles in the Financing section of our Help Center for application guidance with each of our funding providers].

Welcome Call - Upon uploading Utility Bills and Site Photos, and attaining funding approval, call our Customer Success Team at 925-678-5610 with your customer to conduct a brief call at which time we’ll confirm basic details of the project, including: quantifying any adders, general panel placement, and setting positive expectations around forthcoming installation activities.

1] Copy of all pages of a recent electric utility bill. We need the name, address, account number, and meter number for the interconnection application.

2] Four Corners of House Exterior

3] All Roof Exterior Surfaces

4] Electric Utility Meter - Up Close (make sure we can read the meter number)

5] Electric Utility Meter - 10 Feet Away

6] Main Breaker - Up Close (make sure we can read the amp rating numbers)

7] Main Electric Panel with Breakers - Open, Up Close (see below for good and bad photos)

8] Main Electric Panel - 10 Feet Away

9] Main Panel Label

More samples of photos needed:

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