Sometimes your customer will request to have a proposal for a ground-mounted solar installation instead of a rooftop system. This can be a great solution: for those homeowners who do not have enough roof space to fit all the solar panels they need to achieve the desired solar production offset, for homeowners who need a roof replacement but are not ready to simultaneously spend the funds on that project, and for customers who simply want a ground mount solar system. If your customer’s home has a large yard or sits on a fairly good size piece of property that is unencumbered with trees and shading, this may be the perfect solution! Follow these easy steps to build your proposal with a ground mount solar system:

  1. Starting from the map view of the app where you input the address, place your finger on the area of the property where you want to place the ground mount and hold.

When deciding where to place your ground mount, or where to tap and hold to generate the locator icon, there are a few site qualification items to keep in mind:

  • Place your pin in an open area approximately where you want the system to be installed. The exact location will be confirmed after contract signing and the fulfillment team initiates site survey activity

  • Be aware of shading implications as you position the pin

  • Know that if you place it too close to the home, Elli our automated intelligence may attempt to place the panels on the roof. If this happens simply move further away from the home and try again. The exact location will be defined later in the process.

2. Wait for the pop-up screen to appear and select ‘Yes, add house’


3. Elli will then go through the normal 3 to 5 minute process of attempting to design a system for this location.

4. When the pop up appears stating the need to submit for a manual design, simply tap ‘Proceed’.

  1. You will be prompted to populate three fields to submit the ground mount solar design request: “Take a picture of the bill”, “Desired percentage of solar offset”, and a “Notes” field.

  • Utility Bill - If you have a complete copy of the utility bill indicating annual kWh usage, take a photo of all pages and upload it here. If you do not have the homeowner’s utility bill, simply upload any photo (which can be a photo of a sheet of paper with the known or projected annual usage hand written).

  • Solar Percentage Offset - Indicate the percentage of annual energy usage the homeowner would like to offset against their annual kWh usage. For example, this percentage is typically “100%” of their annual usage.

  • Notes - provide as many details as you feel necessary to design the system for your customer. Definitely provide location details for the ground mount system, and anything else you feel important to get the initial design as accurate as possible. Be sure to write in the annual kWh usage, or what you project annual usage to be, as this is a critical piece of information and is not always clear on the uploaded utility bill.

  1. Tap ‘Submit’. A pop will appear alerting you the design has been submitted and that it typically takes 20 to 30 minutes for the manual proposal to be created. Proposals will populate on your Dashboard the same way 3D Elli-designed proposals do.


7. You will receive a notification in the app from “Petr” as the proposal is created, with a six-digit identification number attached.


All editing of the manual design is accomplished exactly the same as with a 3D Elli-designed solar system, except for adding, subtracting, or moving panels. With ground mount systems there are two important costing items to make sure you address as you review and edit your manual design:

  1. First, Hit the back arrow on the top left, go back to the home screen and make sure you tap ‘Asphalt Shingle (Composition)’ and change the roofing material to ‘Ground Mount’ to include the $.50/w adder fee.


9. Second, you’ll also want to estimate the distance from the main electrical panel to the proposed system location to similarly include this cost in the ‘Add-on’ section. Example, if the ground mount is 200 feet away from the main panel, 200 feet x $10/ft = $2000 of trenching costs.

  1. For panel-related edits, use Clean.Tech Chat Support to make this request, and use the 6-digit tracking number in your request to assist our team in quickly locating and editing the system. And, similar to the initial design request, allow 20 - 30 minutes for manual design edits to be reflected directly on your app dashboard.


Once you have the solar design to your liking, sharing the proposal with your customer for review and contract signature is done exactly the same as when you are working with an Elli-designed 3D proposal. Reference the video and Help Center article on ‘Sharing the proposal’, as needed.

That concludes this piece on how to request, edit, and share a manual ground mount solar system design. Please consult our Help Center for additional information, and don’t hesitate to connect with through Chat Support.

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