Sometimes your customer will request to have a proposal for a ground-mounted solar installation instead of a rooftop system. This can be a great solution, for:

  • Homeowners who do not have ample roof space to fit all the solar panels needed to achieve their desired solar production offset

  • Customers who simply prefer a ground mount solar system. This can apply to homeowners with sizable property unencumbered by trees and shading

When deciding where to place your ground mount, or where to tap and hold in the app to generate the locator icon, there are a few site qualification items to keep in mind:

  • Place your pin (tap and hold on in app mapping location) in an open area where you want the system to be installed. The exact location will be confirmed after contract signing and the fulfillment team initiates site survey activity

  • Be aware of shading as you position the pin

  • Know that if you place a pin too close to the home, Elli our automated intelligence may attempt to place the panels on the roof. If this happens simply move the pin further away from the home and try again. The exact location will be defined later in the process.

  • Avoid obstructions between the ground mount and the home, to allow for trenching.

You can quickly and easily build a ground mount right in the Clean.Tech app by following these steps:

  1. Place a pin (long hold) on the desired property location in the App. Hold down on the pin like a normal design and when the pop-up appears, select ‘Design on your computer’.

2. Just like with creating a Manual Design, open the design link from your email and on the customer’s property, trace a rectangle that will be large enough to fit the needed number of panels. HINT: 100’ wide x 12’ deep is enough to fit 60 panels.

First, adjust the global pitch to 20º. Then click each separate roof hip triangle (west, east, and north) and uncheck ‘Apply to all Roofs’ in the top right and drag the ‘Slope’ slider all the way up to 90 degrees. Adjust the height of the structure to 3’.

3. If any tree or shading obstructions exist, use our ‘Tree-Builder’ tool to mimic real life shading conditions. Then, click ‘Save’ in the upper right hand corner when you have created a field to populate the solar panels. This will save your design in your Projects dashboard in the app.

4. Now, go to the address back in your app. Zoom out and in again to refresh the design. The pin outline will change from red to blue. Press and hold the 3D button until the splash appears to adjust electricity usage and panel layout. Panels should be placed no more than 2 panels high, in ‘portrait style’, with a maximum of 30 panels per row, or 60 panels in one array. Please use an even number of panels so the array does not have any empty spots or offsets. The customer will not want to see the racking from the front of the array!

5. In the app, you can now select financing and share the proposal from your iOS device, exactly the same as if it was a traditional 3-dimensional Elli-designed home. Make sure you tap ‘Asphalt Shingle (Composition)’ and change the roofing material to ‘Ground Mount’ to incorporate the $.50/w adder fee.

6. The final step is to quantify and enter any additional trenching costs. Using Google Maps, right click on the map to estimate the distance from the main electrical panel to the proposed system location and include this cost in the ‘Add-on’ section of the financing screen. Example, if the ground mount is 100 feet away from the main panel, 100 feet x $20/ft = $2000 trenching costs.

And that’s it! Ground mount designs with our 3D design tool are that simple. Please consult our Help Center for additional information, and don’t hesitate to connect with us through Chat Support.

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