Every so often you will encounter a customer whose address and home do not appear in the app when you enter the desired address, and therefore Elli is unable to generate a solar design. This can occur in areas where satellite mapping is sparse, and most frequently occurs in new home construction scenarios where the home has been, or is being, built yet is not yet recognized by mapping services.

There are two primary ways to provide the Clean.Tech team enough information to generate a solar design for your homeowner: drone images, and architectural plans. Follow the below steps to submit the needed information to generate a manual solar design.

1. Enter the desired address in the Clean.Tech app.

2. If there is no physical structure yet on the property, Elli should still display the translucent locator pin indicating the ability to select the location to create a solar design. If no pin appears, tap and hold on the property lot in question to trigger the manual design request pop-up. [Reference the ‘Requesting a Manual Design’ article and video, if needed]

  1. Tap the pin for the property you are looking to design on, then notice how the pop up window appears just like you were requesting a manual design, tap ‘Proceed’

  2. Now, in lieu of a utility bill, you will upload one of the following two (2) items for our engineering team to generate a design that you can then edit the same way you do a standard manual design. And, in addition to the following drone or building plans info, please provide detailed notes to guide our design team on the roof plane(s) where to place panels, the annual kWh usage, and desired percentage offset.


Drone image - If you have access to drone flight imaging, capture a straight down “birds-eye” image of the roof and submit it in place of the utility bill when you submit the manual proposal design request.


Architectural Plans - If no image is available, we can build a model of the home if we have the following information. Attach the building design plans in place of the utility bill when you submit the manual proposal design request (be sure plans provide dimensions and pitch of roof planes). In the ‘Notes’ section, provide detailed notes to assist our designers in returning a design meeting your expectations, including: compass orientation of the home to guide us on optimum roof planes, address of the home, expected annual kWh usage, and desired percentage offset.

Plans need to show the roof area(s) where panels will placed:


Plans also need to show the dimensions of the home and roof planes:


Allow a 24 hour turnaround time for manual design creation once above-required information has been submitted. Your design will populate in your Clean.Tech app the same way a traditional manual design does, and will look like this:


If you have questions around whether your homeowner’s existing home, or planned new construction project, is a candidate for a manual design when a mapping image is not available, or if you have additional items and details for a submitted home, contact us using the Chat support icon in the app, or email us at teams@clean.tech.

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