There are two primary things to know and be aware of when it comes to Getting Paid commissions with Clean.Tech. The first is ‘Who’ you will receive commission payments from, and the second is ‘When’ payments will be made to you.

‘Who’ Will Pay Your Commissions

Payment comes directly from Clean.Tech if you are a part of Clean.Tech’s sales team. Or, if you are an independent sales partner, you will receive commissions paid from the Sales Team of which you are a member.

Clean.Tech transfers payment and commissions through ACH direct deposit. To be set up for, and receive payment via ACH, independent sales partners must complete a W9 and Direct Deposit form, emailing each document to

If you are part of a sales team, payment comes directly from that sales team. Clean.Tech pays your team, then you are paid by the agreement you have with your team. Please inquire with your sales team for details on how individual commissions are paid out and any related and required documentation required to receive payments.

‘When’ Will Commissions Be Paid

The second thing to know and be aware of is ‘When’ payments will be made. If you are part of Clean.Tech’s sales team, connect with your sales leader to confirm the timing of commission payments. Payment milestones( NTP & Funding received for completed installations) need to be met by Thursday a week before stated Friday paydays.

If you are an independent sales partner, Clean.Tech pays 100% of your commission after installation is complete, the customer has signed project completion documentation, and Clean.Tech has received funding from the funding provider. Commission payments will be deposited by the 8th business day after funding clears our bank. Or, said differently, you get paid when we get paid.

If you are part of a sales team, be aware Clean.Tech pays the team on the same schedule as outlined above. So, contact your sales team leadership to understand the timing of payments from the organization to you, as different teams remit payments on differing schedules.

If you have further questions around how commissions are paid, or anything else on this topic please reach out by Chat Support in the app or dashboard. And, if you have questions on projects you need updates on regarding the status of commission payments, reach out to our Team at for prompt attention and answers.

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