The Clean.Tech dashboard will be your ‘home base’ to:

  • Manage and track project designs & proposals

  • Track installation project progress for sold projects

  • Maintain awareness of team members & homeowners, and manage your profile

  • Access our chat support feature, and

  • Access the extensive content of our Help Center.

Here, we will walk through each of these Dashboard features, as accessed by navigating the left hand toolbar of your Clean.Tech Dashboard.

  1. Upon signing in, you immediately arrive here, at your Dashboard. Here, you can see instructions on how to download and sign into the Clean.Tech app, as well as prominent access to your affiliate link that is used to invite sales personnel to join your team.


Projects Heading

‘Board’ & ‘Deals’ Subheadings

2. Tap on ‘Board’ to see the status of all the homes and addresses you have entered into the Clean.Tech app.

3. The ‘Lead in’ heading details all address you have input into the app, or have started creating designs for.

4. The ‘Customer Data Added’ heading represents homes for which you have added customer information.

5. The ‘Proposal Generated’ heading details all completed proposals you have sent to prospects.

6. And finally, the ‘Contract Signed’ heading represents all projects for which contracts have been signed by your customers.

7. Along the top of this page you will see links to ‘Personal’, ‘Team’, and ‘Organization’. ‘Personal’ shows you your own leads and proposals. These are the leads you are directly responsible for as the sales rep. ‘Team’ allows you to view all deals, i.e. projects, being completed within your team. And, if you are the admin of your company’s account, you can view all projects within your organization under the ‘Organization’ link.


8. The ‘Deals’ link from the left hand menu is where you can track the progress of each individual contract. When milestones are completed or achieved, the circle next to the milestone in question turns green.


Management Heading

‘Users’ & ‘Team’ Subheadings

9. The ‘Users’ link shows all of the homeowners, salespeople, and administrators registered under your organization.

10. ‘Team’ shows the members of your specific team (if you have one).


Your Profile Heading

‘Your Profile’, ‘Chat’, ‘Help Center’ Subheadings

11. Tap ‘Your profile’ from the left hand menu to view and edit your profile information, change your password, and manage your manual proposal credits.

12. Use the ‘Chat’ Support link to communicate directly with a Clean.Tech Team member, or note Chat Support can always be accessed by clicking the blue circular icon in the lower right corner of any screen in the app.


13. Tap ‘Help Center’ to access an expansive collection of articles and videos explaining activities using the Clean.Tech app to design, finance, and track the progress of your solar projects. Reference the Help Center when you have questions around using the app or about Clean.Tech in general, and know it is keyword-searchable to quickly locate what you are looking for.


That sums up most everything you need to know, and that you can accomplish, from your Clean.Tech dashboard. And, as always, feel free to contact us directly via Chat Support if you have additional questions on maximizing the use of your dashboard to be successful with Clean.Tech and the Clean.Tech app!

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