As your business grows, you will need to add sales team members quickly and efficiently. And similarly, you will at times need to remove sales reps from your team. Here, we will walk through the two ways to add sales team members directly through the app on your mobile device and by using your web-accessed Clean.Tech dashboard. And, we will detail how to remove sales team members by contacting our sales support and technical team.

To Add Salespeople to your team from your iOS device:

  1. Tap the menu bars in the upper left corner of the screen.

  2. Tap ‘Invite People’ from the menu bar.

  3. A window will open. From here you can send an invitation via text or email, or you can click the copy icon to paste the invitation link into a text, email, or other form of communication.


    To Add Salespeople to your team from your computer:

    4. After logging in, click ‘My Dashboard’. In the lower right, you will find ‘Your affiliate link to share’ under the ‘Invite People and Companies’ header. Click the ‘copy’ icon and paste the invitation link into a text, email, or any other form of communication to those you want to join your Sales Team.


5. You may also click the ‘Team’ view, which will display all of those people you have signed up using your affiliate link and who are a part of your Sales Team.

6. Next, tap the ‘Invite People’ box and your affiliate link will appear.

7. Then tap the ‘copy’ icon to the right of the link and paste it in a text, email, or desired form of correspondence to invite people to join your Sales Team.


Removing Salespeople From Your Team

In a similar manner, from time to time you may need to remove a Salesperson from your team. To do so, simply reach out to our Sales Support Team via Chat Support, or by sending an email to:, stating the name of the sales person and reason for removing them. Our IT Team will remove the Salesperson, or Salespeople, from your team. Removed sales reps can be reinstated at any time; Simply contact us through chat support and we will restore their account privileges.


If you have any further questions about adding or removing sales team members connect with us directly using Chat Support within your Clean.Tech app.

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