The owner of the company has the ability to set a company commission, or margin, above the redline price-per-watt amount contracted with Clean.Tech at the time of signing the Partnership Agreement. This is commonly done at the time of signing the Partnership Agreement, but can be updated anytime. See below for additional detail in setting and changing your company commission, and reach out to us via Chat Support to make any desired updates.

Why Set a Company Commission? When your company is first activated on the Clean.Tech Platform your company commission is set to $0/W by default. If you want to capture revenue from every deal sold by your sales team, simply determine the $/W, a.k.a. commission or margin you want to collect and we will assist to update your instance of the app with the desired amount.

Who May Request Setting a Company Commission? Only the owner of a Sales Company may request setting, or changing, the company commission on the CleanTech platform.

How Do I Set My Company Commission? Reach out by Chat Support in the app or from your dashboard, or by sending an email to: to request setting or changing your company commission.

Who Will Make the Change? Our Sales Support Team will assist you to make this update within your company profile. This is a manual activity to confirm the person requesting the change is authorized to do so, for your protection.

Can I Request a Change to My Company Commission For Certain Deals? When the commission is changed, it affects all projects being sold through your Sales Team. So, for example, if you need the commission changed for a particular customer project, understand that any projects sold while the commission has been changed will be at the requested amount. So if necessitated, be sure to alert us when to set the commission back as soon as it makes sense to do so.

Who Will See My Company Commission Amount? Only the owner of the company will be aware of the breakdown between team redline and added commission amount. When in the app, Sales Team Reps will solely see the combined redline & commission amounts as one $-per-watt amount in calculating the cost for their respective project proposals and contracts.

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