30 Year Warranty with SolarInsure

Clean.Tech offers a 30 year parts, labor, and roof penetrations warranty from SolarInsure to provide added security and peace of mind for your homeowner. This exceptional coverage is available for a mere $.08/watt and is easy to add directly from the app.

Select SolarInsure in the app on the main page of your customer’s project and the cost will be auto-calculated into overall project and monthly costs.

Why SolarInsure?

As solar power continues to grow in popularity, there is an ever present need to minimize liability and build trust with consumers. Warranties can vary from one manufacturer to another causing confusion and uncertainty. SolarInsure makes it easy with a 30-year insurance-backed warranty on parts, labor, roof penetrations, and more.

What is Included?

Monitoring - Active monitoring technology reports component failures in real time so that we can respond to issues quickly

Equipment, Labor & Penetrations - No hidden fees or surprise labor expenses guarantee that you’ll never have to climb on your roof again.

Transferable Ownership - Our extended warranty transfers from homeowner to homeowner, should you decide to move.

This one-page document is linked in the Clean.Tech proposal.

24/7 Customer Service & Hassle-Free Claims

Customers are SolarInsure’s number one priority, so whether you have a simple question or are in crisis, they will be there for your customer. Claims can be filed quickly and easily with SolarInsure’s online claims portal, with claim processing and follow through often taking just 2-3 business days.

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