When you have closed a sale and the customer wants to pay with ‘cash’, let’s review accepted payment methods and procedures. While Clean.Tech does not accept hard cash currency, methods of payment can include credit or debit card, wire transfer, or check, each through the online invoice your customer will receive shortly after completing the solar contract and at specified points in the ensuing solar installation process. This schedule of payment is as follows:

1a. Your customer will be emailed an invoice by the Clean.Tech Accounting Department for a $1,000 deposit when the solar agreement is signed, to be applied to the system purchase price.


1b. Your customer has the option to pay by debit card, bank transfer, or credit card.

  1. Your customer will be invoiced for 50% of the balance when the engineering design is approved by the homeowner and the bill of materials is complete. Once paid, equipment will be ordered.

  2. Your customer will be invoiced for the remaining 50% of the balance, minus $1,000, when solar panels are installed. Once paid, building final and PTO will commence.

  3. The remaining $1,000.00 is due when Permission to Operate (PTO) is received from the utility company and the system turned on.


Take a picture of the front and back of the check and email it to accounting@clean.tech, or mail it to our Accounting Team at:

Attn: Clean.Tech, 1110 Alhambra Ave, Martinez, CA 94553

Checks should be made payable to Clean.Tech.

Credit Card:

Our accounting department sends the customer an invoice that contains a link to pay by credit card. There is a 3% fee for credit card payments above $1,000. [There is no percentage charged on the initial $1,000 deposit].

Clean.Tech currently does not accept cash payments.

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