Replacing a roof at the time of installing a solar system can be a common occurrence. The steps below outline the process for incorporating a roof replacement with your customer’s solar installation by pursuing two simultaneous Sunlight Financial loans, one for the traditional Clean.Tech solar project, and the second using Sunlight Financial’s Home Improvement Loan for the roofing portion of the project.

Loans are available between $2,500 and $50,000, $100,000 with a manual review by Sunlight Financial. Terms lengths of 3-12 years and interest rates of 0% - 9.99%. The loan that offers the lowest monthly payment is the 12yr 3.99%

The steps to engage these two Sunlight Financial loan products to pair a roof replacement with your solar installation, as as follows:

  • Have the customer sign their CleanTech contract for the solar component of the project, using Sunlight Financial as the lender. Note: Include ONLY solar-related adders go in the ‘Adder’ line item within the app, so do not include the roofing cost in the Clean.Tech proposal and contract, as these will stand separately within the Sunlight Home Improvement Loan.

Complete the Customer Contact Form on the Clean.Tech proposal, as this will alert our team a new roof is part of the project and allow our Fulfillment Team to stage resources and be ready for design, permitting, and procurement activities as the roofing project is completed.

  • Your customer will need to select a third-party roofer, and secure and sign an acceptable contract with the selected roofer. [Clean.Tech does not provide roofing services]

  • Log into the Sunlight Financial (SLF) portal and initiate the Solar loan application process. If this is your first time using Sunlight, request an invitation to the CleanTech SLF portal by emailing

  • At the top of your screen hit the orange slider/button to switch to a Home Improvement Loan, your screen will switch to a blue accented menu.

  • Prequalify the homeowner by completing the soft credit check application for the Home Improvement Loan.

  • Proceed with the Home Improvement application/hard credit check. When approved, assist the customer in selecting the right loan product for their financial needs. There are eight (8) Home Improvement loans to choose from.


IMPORTANT: Before entering the loan amount and project details, contact Clean.Tech through chat support, as we need to apply Sunlight’s fee calculator to the product selected to ensure you are adding the appropriate fee into the loan price to allow for full payment of proceeds to the roofing contractor, upon project completion.

Here are samples of the impact of fees on the financing of a home improvement project:

  • Assist your customer with completing the e-Sign portion of the loan process, and any additional stipulation document requests from Sunlight.

  • When both loan approvals and required documents are obtained, you are ready to call in to conduct the Welcome Call.

  • You and/or homeowner coordinate with the roofer to schedule and complete the roof replacement before Clean.Tech begins the solar installation process.

  • When the roof project is complete, send the roofing invoice to for our accounting team to process payment. This also alerts our Fulfillment Team to proceed with solar installation activities.

  • The homeowner will receive an email to approve the release of funds for 100% of the roofing project.

  • Once the homeowner authorizes the release of funds, Sunlight will send payment to Clean.Tech within 24 - 72 hours for disbursement to the roofing contractor. Clean.Tech will process payment to the roofer within 3 business days of receiving funds from Sunlight. This will also signify the kickoff of solar project work for your homeowner’s solar system.

When using the Home Improvement loan, keep Clean.Tech appraised of roofing project progress. Our goal is to facilitate prompt documentation submission and payment through Sunlight Financial. If you have any further questions on how to make the most of Sunlight’s Home Improvement loan, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Clean.Tech customer service contact, or through chat support.

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