Financing With Clean.Tech PPA

Clean.Tech now offers a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with IGS Solar as our financing partner. A PPA allows a customer to get a solar system installed with $0 money down. The solar system will be owned, operated, and warrantied by IGS Solar for 25 years!

Some of the top reasons homeowners choose a PPA, include:

  • Solar system is warrantied, serviced, and repaired for 25 years at no additional cost

  • Those that like the idea of buying the electricity for a fixed rate for 25 years (with 0% escalator option)

  • Homeowners that cannot use the ITC 26% tax credit because they pay little to no federal income tax

  • Credit specific customers that do not want the additional debt of a solar loan

  • The PPA is transferable to credit worth home buyers

    • Most homeowners in the US only live in a home for 7 years. PPA’s are ideal for homeowners who don’t plan to live in the home long term as most ROI occur after 5 years of initial investment

  • The PPA can be purchased after year 6

  • Customers can use a credit card to make PPA payments w/ NO fee

    • Nice way to earn credit card points from buying solar electricity!

Who qualifies for a PPA?

  • California homeowners only, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey coming soon!

  • Homeowner's utility is PG&E, SCE, SDG&E (LADWP will appear as a Lease - follow the same process)

  • FICO scores of 650+ (soft credit pull only)

  • There can be up to 6 people on the home’s title

    NOTE: Batteries are not to be included in a PPA at this time.

Quick Facts One Page

‘Steps’ to Sell IGS PPA

In The CleanTech App:

Step 1 - Sales Rep designs system in app (no need to set Target price yet)

Step 2 - Tap the blue home & person icon to view financing information. Tap the Financing link. On Financing screen, select “PPA” as Contract Type (Lease in LADWP only)

Step 3 - On the Financing screen, select “Clean.Tech PPA 25Y 0% Escalator” or “Clean.Tech PPA 25Y 2.9% Escalator” as the finance product (Lease in LADWP). The 0% Escalator will provide a fixed cost for 25 years, similar to our loan options.

Step 4 - In the App, write down current “average electricity cost” ($/kWh), and current “electricity consumption” (kWh), for use in the IGS portal calculator

Step 5 - Open the Project tile in the Dashboard, write down “total production” (kWh), and “system size” (watts), for use in the IGS portal calculator

So, the four (4) data points you’ll need from the Clean.Tech App & Dashboard, include:

  • App - Current Average Electricity Cost in $/kWh, Current Electricity Consumption in kWh/year

  • Dashboard - System size in kW (7,000 watts = 7.00 kW), Total solar production in kWh

In The IGS portal:

[FYI - The landing page of portal has links to many ‘how to’ videos]

Step 6 - Log into IGS portal.

The first time you visit the portal, enter your email and click "Reset Password".

You will receive and email from IGS with the instructions for setting your password.

Create ‘Customers’ file from top toolbar, entering: name, address, phone number, email, and utility

Step 7 - Once customer file is created, from the ‘Actions’ menu on the right side of the customer’s profile screen, select the “EPC Calculation” to open the calculator

Enter in: annual kWh production, system size in kW, escalator, current utility rate, estimated annual kWh usage

Step 8 - In the IGS calculator, enter desired $/kWh to yield the desired and target PPW dollar amount

Step 9 - Click the Associate button at the bottom to create the quote for the customer. Then click ‘Return to Customer’. IGS calculator will provide PPW and $/kWh amounts to be used in the Clean.Tech app to generate the Proposal for your customer.

The two (2) data points you will need from IGS Portal, for use in the App, are:

  • PPW

  • $/kWh

In The CleanTech App:

Step 10 - In the Financing Details section of the app, scroll to the bottom and enter “Target Cost” (PPW) & “Price Per kWh” ($/kWh), as provided from the IGS portal calculator

Step 11 - Generate proposal to share with the homeowner

Step 12 - Customer signs the California Solar Guide from the Clean.Tech proposal before completing the credit application and signing their IGS Solar PPA through the IGS portal.

In The IGS Portal:

Step 13 - From the Actions menu, Sales Rep sends ‘Remote Electronic Consent’ link, for customer approval to receive credit check & PPA Contract items electronically. When this has been signed electronically by the customer, the corresponding checkbox turns green on the customer’s profile page of the IGS portal

Step 14 - From the Actions Menu, Sales Rep sends Credit Check link to customer. When completed by the customer, the corresponding checkbox turns green on the customer’s profile page

Step 15 - Upon passing credit, from the Actions Menu, Sales Rep sends PPA Contract with customer for signature. When completed by the customer, the corresponding checkbox turns green on the customer’s profile page

Step 16 - The IGS Portal notifies the Project Coordinator (PCs) Team via email when the agreement has been signed. The PCs will update the Deal in the app, in the Deals dashboard, to create a NetSuite record for Fulfillment activities.

Step 17 - Homeowner receives email from IGS Solar after signing the agreement prompting them to set up their IGS Solar account, obtain downloadable version of their PPA Agreement, and set up payment information. When completed by the customer, the corresponding checkboxes turn green on the customer’s profile page

In The Clean.Tech App:

Step 18 - Collect and upload required information to the project proposal to move project to notice to proceed (NTP). Required info includes: utility bill, HOA info (if applicable), site photos, and any detailed information important to designing & installing a perfect solar system for the customer.

Step 19 - Call in for a Clean.Tech Welcome Call as normal. 925-678-5610

If needed, after selecting the PPA product in the Clean.Tech app and applying for your customer’s PPA in the IGS portal, be sure to visit their portal to watch training vidoes or contact them directly at (844) 447-7652. And of course reach out to our Clean.Tech Team through chat support for any clarification around this process, so as to expedite the PPA selection and approval process to get your customer’s project through funding approval and into Clean.Tech’s installation activities.

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